Hostgator Vs Godaddy Comparison Review

Website making first think hosting, I used tow web hosting server. I’m gonna be comparing Hostgator vs GoDaddy alright, there’s some what similar they’re not totally similar but pretty similar okay.


Host whatever you need

If you need basic hosting, you need cloud hosting you even need a VPS or something like that you’re going to be able to take care of it on both of these websites. the second thing is both of them have good speed.

Good Speed

Your website’s gonna load relatively fast the back end of its gonna load relatively fast it just depends upon. You know what type of hosting package you’re on, if you’re on just like basic hosting you’re gonna be on a little bit slower of servers. If you’re on cloud hosting gonna be a bit faster. You’re want to go with the cloud hosting. Now in terms of the number three thing uptime.


I’m talking more about reliability alright and when you go to your website is it online that’s what I mean by uptime is it gonna be online 24/7 because we need our website. Because if it’s not online we’re missing out on sales we’re missing out on the

traffic we’re missing out. So that’s why we want it online and also if we’re working on it  if we want to work on it at an article or something like that it’s well dude we want it online we don’t want to visit it and not be able to work on it. Both of these posts have good uptime alright; the fourth thing is the support both of them.


Have good support they’re online 24/7 all right I like Hostgator support a little bit more than Go Daddy’s just. Because you know I have a little soft heart for them when I was a huge noob about five years ago Hostgator is one of the first hosting companies. I wanted their live chat like, I got web hosting or domain. I do next like don’t know they’re like hey man install WordPress here you go here’s how you do it blah blah. I’m like cool and then I had a website 20 minutes later. I was like wow man that was super helpful,  I got a free training session out of this. There you go good support on both sides in terms.

Similar Pricing

Of the pricing pretty similar they’re constantly changing their pricing out their current pricing for Hostgato and GoDaddy, so I’m not really gonna comment on it because it changes frequently but I will say all they’re always gonna be similar because they’re huge competitors one another and they’re both through the you know five biggest hosts online

but for most part Hostgator seems to be a little bit cheaper. But it just depends also depends upon you know the coupons that you use and things now.

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