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Today we’re talking about 5g and potentially Five Smartphone but we’ll have it in 2019. So let’s get straight to 5g is if you don’t know and you probably do. But if you don’t in layman’s terms it’s the new version of 4G, it will have quicker speeds apparently up to anywhere near as a thousand times quicker than 4G. And it’ll even be far quicker than current home Broadband set ups as well basically, it’s quick as much as this new technology. Is going to be amazing there are obviously some potential downsides to it some rumoured dangers and let’s talk about the five Smartphone. So I think you’re going to potentially want to buy using this Technology in 2019, starting from last in the year to 1st in the year. My last phone is gonna be potentially the first ever smartphone to have 5g technology so last but not least.


          1. iPhone 5G of 2019



The new iPhone. So the iPhone of 2019 is we believe going to have 5G because if the rest of the top flagships of that year. Are gonna be running 5G it will be an absolute catastrophe for Apple not to follow suit the reason. Why I’m saying they’re gonna be last is because they usually release their Smartphones in September time. And usually Apple aren’t the first to adopt new Technology that’s just a fact and that’s good reason for that. Because obviously they’ve got a lot to lose if it doesn’t work but being September fairly late in the year. There’s a lot of time for them to work with 5G technology and make sure it is available for their new iPhone so that’s the first.


        2. One Plus 7 of 2019 for 5G



One the second phone, so working backwards is probably going to be the One Plus 7 now there have been a lot of leaks to suggest. It will be the first ever Smartphone to have 5G because they have been working very closely with Qualcomm. I just have a feeling they will need to release their Smartphone earlier. Than they do every year for this to happen and unless they bring it forwards which they were rumored to do with one plus 6. But that didn’t happen it came out at the end of May. There will be Smartphones who release before that it honestly depends on whether they bring release date forwards. Which they can but they never have done but the one plus 7 is one of the most kind of confirmed phones to have 5G technology. I said due to all of the conversations they’ve been having with Qualcomm and the reason why I mention the relationship with Qualcomm. Is because Qualcomm are one of the leading brands working with 5G and they are going to be making available the Snapdragon X 50 modem which will produce unprecedented wireless at speeds making 5G a reality.


          3. Huawei P30 of 2019 for 5G



Next up we have the Huawei P30 now again Huawei are one of these brands that are very very in touch with the latest Technology. They are growing on-year the Huawei 20 and P20 Pro have been one of the most talked about and impressive Smartphones of 2018. Sspecially when you’re talking about the camera also another clue for huawei’s inclusion of 5G came. When the president of huawei’s at Western European consumer business group said that. And I quote if not for the P30 then for short with the mate series and when pushed on it he elaborated. That ideally it would be the P30 but it would depend on the chipset evolution because 5g of course needs high power consumption.


      4.Sony XZ 3 of 2019



So we have two more next up Sony XZ 3. Sony while design-wise leave a lot to be desired in my personal opinion and that’s why? I don’t tend to feature them that much on this site. Because for me to get excited about tech it needs to be not only incredibly effective at. What it’s meant to do but it needs to be stylish as well otherwise, I just find it a bit boring. And unfortunately Sony how fit it into that category up to now whether they change that with the XZ 3. I don’t know but what I can say is without a shadow of a doubt there’s a strong possibility. Sony will include 5G in the XZ 3 and funnily enough to sort of fuel these rumours about. Sony they actually made a statement a few days after oneplus and while we had admitted they were working with 5G Technology. Saying that Sony will always at the forefront of innovation and finally in my top five Smartphones. That are going to include 5G technology in 2019, we have and you’ve probably guessed it of course.


      5. Samsung Galaxy S10 of 2019 Best for 5G


We’re talking about Samsung and the Samsung Galaxy S10 they released this flagship in sort of February time. Every single year and that is why in my opinion they will have the moe the amount of time to be working on this individual feature. Whereas other brands have been releasing from sort of April, May and June up to September. With the iPhone for example in the Google pixel. And another reason, why I think that Samsung may be the first to use 5G in their smartphone? is because of course most years we get the room of the the next Snapdragon chipset will be in. But every single year February comes around and Samsung is the first one with it there or there about and of course. You’ll probably be thinking there’s one glaring omission from this list and that’s of.



I think many people ask question The Difference Between 5G & 4G and more About 5G. So I clearly some question answer on this section.

  • What is the difference between 4g and 5g phones?

5G Hundred times better capacity than 4G which will dramatically improve internet speeds. For example to download it to our film on 3G would take about 26 hours on 4G you’d be waiting six minutes and on 5G you’ll be ready to your film just three and a half seconds in over.

  • Will 4g phones support 5g?

It’s Big No. The 4G Smartphones will not support 5G because many 3G phone still not Suport 4G. It’s my personally opinion. So everybody I recommended buy 5G Smartphone for future.

  • Best smartphone of 2019 for 5G?

Yes! I Think Describe this post 5G Best 5 Smartphone 2019 I recommended follow this post.


If you’ve heard anything let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to hear your thoughts on other Smartphones. That may be using 5G technology and possibly maybe the first to use it in 2019. Or if you think some of them might try and sneak it in before at the turn of the year. Let me know out of the five that I have mentioned today which is your favorite and which is the phone that you.

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