Android Q Beta Officially Released and Featured

It’s official the Android Q Beta one is finally released and you can install it on any Google pixel phone impress us even the pixel in pixel XL launched back in 2016 on the list. The Android Q first Developer Preview came out today. And Q version available for the regular pixel 3 the pixel 2’s and even the original pixel.

So if you have a pixel phone you can flash it starting today. There’s a lot of changes with Android Q a lot of under the hood stuff a lot of changes with things like privacy, security and changes the stuff like Vulcan and a bunch of other stuff. A lot of stuff that doesn’t really show too well.

Android Q Beta Featured

Google is still using the same old navigation gesture there is new reasons which is more round in shape previously it was rectangle. But now has more wrong date corners looks great, I think the applications are same there is nothing new same icons however the interesting part is there is new application among this.


So Android Q Beta new features of the first Android cube beta it’s exciting things with the Lockscreen. there is new unlock icon on the rear bottom and now there is battery icon on top looks interesting now comes the home screen nothing new here cause of the same old pixel launcher and I hope I think they will change it in future.

android q lockscreen

Emergency Option

There’s new power menu which has new emergency option. And I can’t the major change comes with the notification panel and the quick setting tiles. You can now change the icon and the accent shape of the quick setting tiles. I’ll show you the settings later on but first take a look at this new tile and that’s Android Q preview icon looks great the worst part is.

android q emergency


You can now use this thing to make Google know about an issue and send your feedback. So that’s something more interactive I think with this Google can know about the bugs and issues. I think it remains in the future also with its stable release and apart from that the live transcribes now comes pre-installed with Q.

android q feedback

Wifi Easy Connected

The Wi-Fi using QR code like if your friend is connected to a Wi-Fi network. You want to connect to the same Wi-Fi network without any password. You can do this with this there is new interface in the application info section. I think it looks better than before and the major change comes with the previously micro settings.

Where you can get the full list of permission, the permission supplications are using from body sensors to the location you can manage which application is using this permission or that permission.

android q wifi

Reset ADS ID

There’s also a new option for Google advertisement like if you want to opt in or opt out for the ads personalization. I hope this thing comes with Xiaomi actually needs this thing location also gets a micro settings. It’s almost like privacy but gives you more option only for location and tracking data.

So this thing you should note next up we have accessibility. I don’t know if this thing was there before but we now have remove animation option this thing is going to disable all the animation the App opening animation or closing animation everything is going to be disabled.

android q ads

Screen Recorder

Apart from that there we have the same Android pie Easter Egg say March 2019 security patches. And almost same about section nothing new here you deep change comes with the developer option. There’s an option called feature flags which contains new settings and then you can enable the screen recorder.

Plexuses screen recorder all you need to do is just long press the power button and X is the menu then long press the screenshot option. They will find this chart recording option it works like that, I think it’s nice I was really waiting for something like this cause the applications in the Play Store.

android q screenrocoder

Accent Color

Are great at all in at last we have the theming option where you can select the Accent colors. There is new body font and in the end we have the icon shape. I have selected teardrop from the starting cause it looks amazing the square also looks great. So that’s all guys with the Android Q Beta one.

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