Best Nvidia Control Panel Settings

Today, I’m gonna be showing you guys my best Nvidia control panel 3d settings to optimize Fortnight performance. All right so without further ado let’s go ahead and hop into the Nvidia control panel. If you do not know how to do? So just right-click on your desktop and hit Nvidia control panel.

best nvidia control panel


All right so I got mine right here and if you do not see it there. You can go down to the bottom left and click on your windows icon. And just type in control panel on the search box and once you have done that. Just click on a control panel on the desktop app make sure to click view by large icons and it will be under here Nvidia control panel. So once you have this open go up here to 3d settings.

How to Manage 3D Settings

Click Manage 3D settings. Now once it’s open up. This is where all of the magic is going to happen so once. You’re in the screen if you were just optimizing for the fortnight. You can go to program settings over here and once this Loads. You can select a program to optimize fortnight’s should be in here. If you do not see it in here.

Nvidia Control Panel

You can click browse and then you can just go find the Exe of Fortnight. but for me personally, I just set this for my global setting because I really only play fortnight anyway. So I just have this – global but you can do it for program settings and follow the exact settings.

I am about to use all right so we’re just going to go ahead and copy all of the settings. I have right here so started from the top ambient occlusion. You’re goanna make sure that is turned to off and it’s tropic filtering make sure that is on anti-aliasing mode make sure that is off then.

I’m going to scroll down and CUDA GPUs you want to set this to all if you have more than one GPU and you open up this menu make sure to select every GPU you have and click OK DSR factors. You’re going to make sure that is off and right here for maximum pre-rendered frames, this is goanna depend on what type of CPU.

You have a higher CPU you can use a lower number but if you have a lower CPU you’re going to want to use a higher number. I have an i-5, Soy stick to 4 just to be safe but you can probably stick to 3 or 4 if you have an i5 i7 or higher. I would recommend one or two so after that Open GL rendering GPU make sure that is just on auto select optimize for compute performance.

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Power Management Mode

Make sure that is of power management mode. you’re going to want to select prefer maximum performance preferred refresh rate on your monitor highest available shadier cache. You’re just want to have that on texture fill ting anisotropic sample optimization.

Make sure that is on texture filtering negative LOD bias ‘allow’. Texture filtering quality makes sure this is on “high-performance”. Texture filtering trainer optimization you can leave that ‘on’. Threaded optimization leaves that on “Auto”. Triple buffering is going to be “off”.

Vertical sync definitely “off” and virtual reality pre-rendered frames this doesn’t really matter that much just use the same number. You used up here as well so after you’re done with all that. You go down here to the bottom right and click apply. After it’s done applying fortnight is ready to go and optimized for maximum performance.

Adjust Desktop Size And Position

Now just a quick tip for you guys if you go to display and go down to adjust desktop size and position. Make sure to click on your main gaming monitor and change this to no scaling. And make sure perform scaling on GPU is ticked. Now this helps optimize the performance of the game as long as you aren’t playing in a stretched resolution.

If you’re playing in a stretched resolution you probably already have this change to full screen but definitely set this to no scaling. You enjoyed and if this helped you out drop a comment down below.

If you have any questions or if there are any other tips and tricks articles you would like to see to help performance for your Fortnight gaming experience.

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