7 Ways BlackBerry Key2 makes Android Better

The BlackBerry Key2 has many apps featured, they’ve started rocking a bit of Android allowing you full access to that Play Store to download all kinds of great apps.

And everything but also BlackBerry is actually helped out Android by adding in, some really funky features both old and new.  And here are just 10 ways, BlackBerry has improved the Android experience.


1st Ways: Massage and Notifications

The BlackBerry hub this is your one-stop shop for any kind of messages and notifications forget checking out a dozen different apps. This thing gathers your texts, emails messaging and social media.

All into one handy little pot and any new accounts are added automatically as well, so it’s about as stress-free as possible.

BlackBerry Productivity

2nd Ways: BlackBerry Productivity

The productivity tab swipe left from that very right-hand edge. So productivity tab at any point even, when you’re in another app as busy gathers all of your shortcuts. And handy information into one convenient place, that can be reached at any time as well.

As a breakdown of your calendar you can also check out your latest messages. To do items still remain Germany favorite contacts. And also add a bunch of widgets of your own for whatever functionality.

By the way if you do rock a BlackBerry phone. You have absolutely no excuse for ever miss and a meet and there are, so many different ways to view the calendar as well. As the productivity tab you can just tap the calendar app. And you can bring up a calendar widget you can do the quick widget option you’ve got a condor there in your hub there are so many calendars.

3rd Ways: BlackBerry Security-conscious

BlackBarry are amongst the most security-conscious of mobile devices. And one of the greatest options in there is tech this basically gives you an account indication of.

How tight your security status is for instance. You can see the last time a security patch was applied you can quickly dive into the app permissions and Lords more besides.

BlackBerry Security-conscious

4th Ways: BlackBerry Speed key

The speed key which is specific to the BlackBerry Key2 which is only just launched this basically. Allows you to do insanely fast multitasking just hold on that speed key and quickly tap one of the letters on the keyboard. And you’ll jump into whichever app you’ve assigned to that letter it is blisteringly fast as much as.

BlackBerry Speed key

I love BlackBerry’s apps tray which gives you a really clear view of any apps. That you currently have opened you don’t need it any more to that amazing speed key. Likewise the convenience key is essentially out of a job now go and join the door queue youth clinger.

5th Ways: Desktop Shortcuts

The desktop shortcuts now wonder it already gives you. The option of running shortcuts to most popular and useful app features there on your desktops. But BlackBerry really extends that standard reference to roughly.

Gazillion billion options any kind of task from our line calendar events are done to do stuff checking. A daily usage you can do it all with a quick tap of an app icon.

6th Ways: BlackBerry Privacy Shade

The privacy shade swipe down the screen with three fingers at any point and basically. This brings up the privacy shade which or the reveals a small portion of the display. At any one time, it’s a great way of keeping nosy bastards from snooping at.

Your personals of your shoulder definitely, a simple yet effective idea handy if you’re reading something confidential on an tube. For whatever reason or if you’re simply browsing your favorite fan page and you want to maintain your manly image the privacy theme.

7th Ways: BlackBerry Locker App

Which Blackberry improves Android is the locker app. This basically allows you to keep your most private of private stashed away under lock and key. Rather adds another layer of password protections and/or bugger. Good news if you’re in the habit of taking dodgy snaps or whatever if you’re rubbish remembering a dozen different logins for your various accounts.

BlackBerry Locker

Do not worry BlackBerry’s password keeper is basically a more secure alternative to Google autofill this stores all your passwords. And pins are not info can be accessed on your device with just a single password. So just make sure you don’t forget that log in and you’re all golden we also love the icon customization that Blackberry offers.

If you don’t like the name of an app no worries you can just change it. To whatever you like no matter how pure I’ll or silly simply by long pressing the icon. Also you can change the app icons to classics from BlackBerry past as well as configure.

The size and chip all these options could be found in the BB launcher settings, just go to the apps tray and then tablet cog icon last but not least is swipey widgets now widgets are great and all but they do take up a lot of space on your desktops.

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