BlackBerry Key3 full review, specs, release date and price

Hey everybody, talking about the BlackBerry Key3. I want you to go buy one I think it’s the best BlackBerry on the market. Right now it improves on the key2 in many many ways delivers better performance, better keyboard some cool new features. But this post is not actually gonna be about the BlackBerry Key3 it’s gonna be about well humble sun veiled it there the key3. Because you know what they say what happens once will never happen again but if it happens twice you.

BlackBerry key3

Can bet your bottom dollar it’s gonna happen a third time. So what I want to talk about those? What I want to see in the key3. I think what’s really interesting is I didn’t know what the key 2 would have and now that it’s here you can see the evolution that happened. But I think it sets the stage for the key 3 and you know I made some notes. I have a little bit of a wish list.  I think a key3 5G Best Smartphone of 2019 and I love it I know what I want that key3 to be like ?.


Let’s talk to this place give me an LED display I think LEDs are just Awesome. I’ve always liked them I remember with like a BlackBerry q10 had an LED. The blacks are black it’s good for battery life and I think it just looks crisp. And would look really crisp on you know an all-Black Blackberry T3 and beyond that I would love to see the aspect ratio change a little.

I don’t know if they could actually get a like a full you know sixteen by nine resolution on top of the keyboard. It would probably come up a slightly taller device but if you could somehow do that in an LED. Keep the general key2, key1 form factor footprint similar. I think it’d be pretty cool next things water waterproofing.


BlackBerry Key3 Waterproofing

This is a blackberry motion and one of the great features about this phone is it has ratings 9/10. It’s the first water and dust resistant blackberry dust resistant easy. I can’t drop this in the water box pasty one doesn’t happen that often but I’m getting older it’s probably a half an hour these days so I know water won’t kill this.

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Wireless Charging

I thing wireless charging now that’s not one. I’ve been too particular about because in general BlackBerry is making phones with killer good battery life it’s not going to die before you go to sleep but wireless charging is a nice feature. And I think it’s one of those flagship checkboxes that would make a lot of people happy and the reason. I like it honestly isn’t that I want to charge it wirelessly it’s that.

blackberry key3 phone wireless charging

When I go to bed at the end of the night I typically plug in my phone right the lights are off etc. And if I have to plug in the phone I’m sometimes futzing around trying to find. You know where to put where to put the cord in the hole that’s. What she said, yeah I don’t want to have to do that. If i don’t need to do that, so it’s not that I need it to top up the battery during the day. It’s really for lazy convenience that I just want to throw it down at night pick it up in the morning fully charged.

Dual Speakers

When it comes to audio dual speakers. I just like that sort of 360 range of sound, I think it makes it extra awesome and again coming back to white BlackBerry users want you know. We’re speaker phone people you know I’ve done a lot of conference calls like this. And I’m just talking so that audio aspect both you know quality inbound but what comes out of the phone. I want those to be as good as they can be and I’m willing to pay for that.


Least you know the camera on the Key2 added some new features. We got portrait mode we got the dual sensors. So we have the tap to zoom in I like all that I just want the camera on the Key3 to be so good. I will never read a review that’s saying the camera is not good enough.

Because I think right now everybody agrees it’s a pretty good camera it’s solid for most people. But it’s not gonna be as good as some of the top phones out Key3 everything about the Key2 feels premium.


BlackBerry Key3 Release Date and price

BlackBerry Key3 now has a release date, it’ll be available on Expected release June 2019 in the United States, UK, other country. Starting price $700-$900 and 790 euro.

And I see it all the time and I hear it phone sitting it’s like wow that’s a really nice looking phone it’s eye-catching it looks baller it looks business so just take my money and give me something that’s 100% at that level I love the key 2 and I think if you have a key 3 that does that next I’m like game over that is a fantastic

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