Boot to Desktop Without Entering a Password Windows 10

How you can remove the login window at the startup of your computer in Windows 10. Let’s get started first of all you need to go to the start button of your operating system and right like, not left click.


Then click this option which says a “Run” and it’s going to open this kind of run interface and in here you need to give one command. I have this command on see my WordPad so I will copy this and I will paste this command in that.

1. control userpasswords2
2. netplwiz

You can directly copy them and then you can just paste it in here in the run and then you can just click ok. The first command is control space user passwords. Then click ok, it’s going to open this user account window and there is a another command.

Which you can use to open this user account this next command which is “netplwiz” command ok so I’m going to right click once again run and then paste this command and it’s going to open the same. You know user account interface now in here there is an option called user must enter a username and password to use this computer.



So if you want to remove the login screen you can uncheck this option and then you can click apply here and it will ask for your password which you have for your Windows 10.
That it can use to login with this password just give your password here and then confirm your password then click. Now whenever you restart your computer then it’s going to you know not show you this login window. I’m going to restart my computer power and restart and I’m running this Windows 10 on a virtual machine.



That’s why I can see all these you know options here I will just say restart anyway you and now you can see when my windows 10 operating system. Started it didn’t showed me this login screen. In this way you can remove the login start up window when you know start your Windows 10 operating system.

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