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Hostgator Vs Godaddy Comparison Review

Website making first think hosting, I used tow web hosting server. I’m gonna be comparing Hostgator vs GoDaddy alright, there’s some what similar they’re not totally similar but pretty similar okay.   Host whatever you need If you need basic hosting, you need cloud hosting you even need a VPS or something like that you’re […]

Different Types of Web Hosting

Hey everyone, welcome back in this post we are going to talk about different types of web hosts. There are quite a few different types of web hosts but for the scope of this tutorial¬† we’ll be discussing the most common five types. 1. Free Hosting 2. Shared Hosting 3. VPS Hosting 4. Dedicated Hosting […]

Easily Vestacp Install WordPress Site

Hello everyone welcome to our place, In this post we will show you how to deploy a WordPress site on vestacp. so to configure the site let’s log in the admin panel first we have to create a user control panel username.¬† so we have added in user name admin. So let’s login as admin […]

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