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BlackBerry Key3 full review, specs, release date and price

Hey everybody, talking about the BlackBerry Key3. I want you to go buy one I think it’s the best BlackBerry on the market. Right now it improves on the key2 in many many ways delivers better performance, better keyboard some cool new features. But this post is not actually gonna be about the BlackBerry Key3 […]

Oneplus 7T Release Date, Price and Features

OnePlus 2019 flagship first to feature Qualcomm Snapdragon. Hey what’s up guys it seems like oneplus is looking to win the race witness OnePlus 7T by hook or by crook. OnePlus had a great year Oneplus 6 were hands down. One of the best phones to come out this year as pixel is getting lamer […]

Android Q Beta Officially Released and Featured

android q

It’s official the Android Q Beta one is finally released and you can install it on any Google pixel phone impress us even the pixel in pixel XL launched back in 2016 on the list. The Android Q first Developer Preview came out today. And Q version available for the regular pixel 3 the pixel 2’s […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro Design, Specifications and Release Date

Redmi Note 7 Pro

Xiaomi just officially dropped the first trailer image of the Redmi Note 7. And you might be disappointed, because the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro has the same design as the Only 7. I mean the schematics are same camera placement we have the same infinity. You drop notch and the same gradient look with […]

7 Ways BlackBerry Key2 makes Android Better

The BlackBerry Key2 has many apps featured, they’ve started rocking a bit of Android allowing you full access to that Play Store to download all kinds of great apps. And everything but also BlackBerry is actually helped out Android by adding in, some really funky features both old and new.  And here are just 10 […]

Vivo Apex Price, Release date And Specifications

vivo apex

Hey guys, Vivo just made the world’s first but unless and portal a smart-phone official and that’s the Vivo apex 2019. So the launch event was in China and we were first talked about the history of Vivo smartphones and they’re in display fingerprint sensor and at last they finally started talking about the Apex 2019. […]

Oppo F11 Pro Release Date, Price and Specifications

oppo f11 pro

Hey smart-phone lovers, today share with you. talking about the Oppo F11 Pro, we are think it’s the best Oppo F series on the market. Right now it improves on the Oppo in many many ways delivers camera performance, better performance some cool new features. The Oppo F9 Pro that was introduced a years ago an […]

HTC Desire 12s Price, Release Date And Specification

htc desire 12s

Smartphone manufacturers are constantly trying to provide good wealth products for people. Today we got a good news, HTC announced all new HTC Desire 12s coming on 2019. We have seen in the past year HTC Desire 12 and HTC Desire 12+ with impressive specifications. Ahead of the HTC Desire 12s release date, the company’s another notable handset was […]

ZTE Axon 7 vs OnePlus 3T Review

I guess both address kind of the same target groups The ZTE Axon 7 Vs OnePlus 3T because both have a 5.5 inch display both have an aluminum unibody. And especially both cost the same almost at least in Germany Europe. We have one at 49 and 439 euros including tech. So in this post we’ll […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release date, Price and Rumours

The past few years Samsung mobile strategy has seen the creation of three flagship smartphones per year. One Galaxy Note according to recent info though. As far as we know Galaxy Note 10 Release Date August 2019. Next year Galaxy Note end will come equipped with a Jenner Mouse 6.75 inch display according to the source. That it’ll be […]

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