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PHP Important 5 Syntax

I will be talking about PHP. I’m going to be introducing this series where we will be learning a lot about what PHP. And so forth if you have no idea what PHP is and you just either you’re being forced to learn. It for a job or you want to learn it. I’m going […]

While Loop and Do While Loop Work

While and do-while loops are very similar they both allow you to repeat code the while loop. While Loop  var n =0; while (n < 5) { n++; console.log(“n =” +n); } var i = 5;   I have an example of that right here the while loop creates a loop that executes a specified […]

How To Comment Out HTML

Hey everyone, to day post most common and popular question is.  Comment Out HTML ? Sometimes you’ve got something coded in your webpage and you don’t want it to show for a limited amount of time. You want to make some comments about what it is or why it’s important or how it works. I […]

Easily Create a New Menu in WordPress

Hey everyone, In this post we will show you how to make menu in WordPress. This is going to be very simple guys. So let’s get started now to change the menu first. Let’s go to ‘customize’.  I am going to click here and then we’re going to ‘menu’ and you can see that right […]

Introduction to Javascript for Web Development

I will give you a brief introduction to JavaScript is one of the most popular languages in web development. Today it is regularly used to build large complex applications it allows you to manipulate the contents of your web page. After it has loaded you can write JavaScript for HTML forms that you create in […]

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