The Clownfish not working [Solved]

I’m gonna show you the free voice changer. Using the Clownfish voice changer you can make your voice sound like Alien , Atari, Fast Mutation , Slow Mutation Male pitch, women and there are more effects.

clownfish not working solved

You can talking your PC normal man, and then change your voice just magic, your are need any free voice changer? We are recommended using it. But some people have a problem this Clownfish Not Working so don’t worry today we will solve this problem, and also describe today about this.

What is Clownfish voice changer?

The Clownfish is world wide free voice changer software. You can use multiple sounds in one normal voice like Fast Mutation, Slow Mutation, Robot and etc. The software meanly using USA, UK people, In general – your voice will be modified in Steam, Skype Hangouts, ooVoo, Viber etc.  And this software available 32bit – 64bit Win, OS, Vista/7/8/8.1/10.

How to Install It

You can go there website visit this site and download it. So once you visit the site scroll down until you see the download section, over here if you have a 32-bit windows you download the 32-bit version of the software.

Or if you have a 64-bit version of Windows then download the 64-bit. So just click on it and the download should start it’s not a big file it’s around 601KB only.

I think your process complete, now you just install it as you install the regular programs. And once you install the software make sure? that you restart your PC. Once now in your desktop you should see a new icon, which says Clownfish voice changer. So this is the voice changer we just installed.

How it work for your PC

Previews section clear how it install or setup. And then we just have to double click Clownfish icon to run it. It won’t open any window actually it will be opened in the task bar.

If you look at the task bar you should see a new icon which says Clownfish voice changer. It could be inside here underneath that little arrow, so you can drag it and make it outside visible all the time.

Clownfish voice changer setup

So I just did like this and now it’s visible all the time if you want to hide it again you can just drag it inside the box hidden box. That’s here it’s grayed out that means it’s deactivated when you right-click you should see a bunch of options for this. And we have the option to turn on that was changer you know we have lots of option you can play around with it. But I’m just gonna talk about the voice changer, so now we also have the here microphone when you enable this.

You enable this voice changer you will be able to hear your voice life is it affecting your voice, or not if the effects are working you can know directly. So first thing what you have to do is if this is not working directly like turn it on. and after that go to “Set voice changer”click on it.

And it should open the new window and here we have the presets for the voices we can select the male pitch, female pitch and we have a baby pitch, radio, and robot. We have lots of presets here, so a lot of you guys maybe want to use the female and male voice picture. Just select them and now your voice should change now.

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Clownfish not working

Some people were saying Clownfish not working there is a problem that you can’t hear yourself. The voice is very low, so to fix that you can see here microphone sensitivity default now you can increase this. And as I know that it works fine with my microphone.

clownfish not working

I don’t have to increase it you can hear me properly. So if in any case the you can’t hear yourself after applying the effect. Then you may have to increase this it’s now default right now. But it can increase it only if you can’t hear yourself. To make yourself hear the effect life you just right-click on the icon of that Clownfish again and click on “Hear microphone” now.

I can hear myself and it’s weird, i’m going to turn it off. If you want to De-select the you want to clear the effect you just click on the “Clear Effect”. And now your voice should sound normal, so now that’s how to use it but what if it’s not working for you, so there is a way. You have to be a little bit knowledgeable for this about the microphone you are using and how many microphones do you have in your computer or laptop.


clownfish not working microphone

So first we are going to open the sounds, and gonna go to the recordings. And you can see I have four mics at least three of them. When stereo mix is disabled it’s always disabled, if you want to enable it it’s a different thing. But you can see I have three mics one of them is microphone aver media. We have the HD web cam microphone and we have the realtek audio microphone. So you can see both of them are disabled because I don’t use them.

Install HD Webcam and HD Microphone for other program

Now go to the Clownfish voice changer and there you will see a option of “Setup” get click on it. And it should bring the new window and a new window all you have to do is identify which microphone is default here.

You can install the software effects, you can see microphone aver media a.m. 3:10 USB microphone default installed. So we have the remove button that means the Clownfish audio driver is installed in my microphone able media microphone okay.

clownfish voice changer setting

We have the microphone HD webcam; you can see we have the install option that means this is not installed in my HD web cam microphone.

And if I want to use the HD microphone in other programs like Skype? or anything. and I want to use the free voice changer, It won’t work because the drivers are not installed on that microphone.

So that’s how to fix it like you know if you want to use the like this one the HD web cam something. You just have to click on install and you have to restart your PC wants to take effect on your system. It really take the effect once you restart once you install you have to restart and then it will affect the microphone.


I know that the Clownfish voice changers driver is properly installed in my microphone now. It’s gonna work, so that’s how you fix it if it doesn’t work it should work straight away. If you have just one single mic and you want to use it. So it will work straight but if you have a multiple mics you may have to do the setup and install it manually.

the drivers so yeah that’s it one more time turn it on like that now go to the set voice changer and now you just have to click on the preset female a I have a heavy voice hey I should now sound like a woman.

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