Different Types of Web Hosting

Hey everyone, welcome back in this post we are going to talk about different types of web hosts. There are quite a few different types of web hosts but for the scope of this tutorial¬† we’ll be discussing the most common five types.

1. Free Hosting

2. Shared Hosting

3. VPS Hosting

4. Dedicated Hosting

5. WordPress Hosting



Free Hosting


Free hosting is a good choice when you want to make websites for fun. However these services you get is fairly limited compared to paid hosting often in a free hosting. Environment speed is slow there is no guaranteed uptime and there are advertisements added to your website. Some companies will offer you a free subdomain under them while others may require you to have a domain already before you receive their services.


Shared Hosting

In a shared hosting environment you are sharing the server with other website owners shared hosting is recommended for new websites or beginners. As it’s the most economical there are however downsides to shared hosting. Because you are sharing hardware software and bandwidth of a server with other websites the speed will be slower and at times unpredictable.


VPS hosting

VPS stands for virtual private server in a nutshell VPS hosting is an advanced variation of shared hosting essentially. You still share a physical server with other websites but that physical server is partitioned into multiple virtual servers. That gets a reserved amount of CPU power and RAM unlike traditional shared hosting VPS. Websites do not compete with each other what that means is if there is a large amount of traffic going into a VPS website that shares the same physical server with you.


Dedicated Hosting

Your website will not be affected in a dedicated hosting environment. You have the entire web server to yourself, you do not share with any other users dedicated servers are recommended. If your website gets a lot of traffic if your website is resource intensive if you need better security or if you simply want more options available to you. The downside of this option is the cost because the server cost is not shared between different website owners.


WordPress Hosting

You will be responsible for the cost of running these servers companies who provide managed WordPress hosting. Specialize in hosting WordPress websites their servers are configured and optimized to provide a top-notch environment for WordPress websites. The sites hosting these companies bring to the table many benefits speed security

uptime updates and employees. Who are extremely experienced and knowledgeable in dealing with WordPress websites? So if you do run into any trouble you know you are in good hands managed WordPress hosting. However can be the most expensive option it may not be for everyone.


Bonus Point

If you’re someone that wants to build a website purely for fun and is not concerned about speed downtime advertisements and the subdomain. Then free hosting could work for you some examples of free hosting Angelfire tripod and works. If you are a website enthusiast just delving into the world of wordpress hosting will be a good introduction for you shared hosting is suitable for building personal websites.

Hobby sites or perhaps traditional blogs the cost will be minimal but prepare for the occasional downtime or slow speeds. Some companies that offer shared hosting a small orange DreamHost, GoDaddy and Hostgator. You have a consistent amount of traffic and speed as well as reliability is important to you then VPS hosting would be a good fit.

VPS hosting is good for medium to high traffic websites ecommerce sites and websites that run resource-intensive scripts. If you are building a website for a client consider VPS hosting a minimum requirement some companies that offer VPS hosting are a small orange Dream Host and Hostgator. If speed reliability uptime and security are of the utmost importance to you, then you can’t go wrong with managed wordpress hosting. Some examples of managed WordPress hosting our WP engine page Lee synthesis and VPS this wraps up the introduction next we are going to register a domain.

Thank you.

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