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Hello everyone welcome to our place, In this post we will show you how to deploy a WordPress site on vestacp. so to configure the site let’s log in the admin panel first we have to create a user control panel username.  so we have added in user name admin.

So let’s login as admin who logged in as user admin now we will add in web domain on his account so add web domain yourdomain.com so this is the IP address no DNS and mail support. so this site will be a wordpress site, We need a database so we can give a name and password. so we have created our database we can log into the database with the credential WP just to check the username and password so we have logged in to the phpmyadmin with the username and the password.






First download the wordpress and upload the word place to this uses here at public HTML we have to upload this WordPress . We can delete these two files these are default files, so we have downloaded the latest WordPress and extracted it let’s select all the files and upload so we have finished uploading the WordPress to the account so next thing is we need to configure our web yourdomain.com.

And we need to point it a record to our web hosting panel.  Our domain configuration is done let’s go to the web panel so at the web panel if we recap what we have done actually first of all we have created our user admin and we have logged in with these with it user model we have created the web domain yourdomain.com and we have created the database and we have tested our database we logged into the database with a username and password.

WordPress to our hosting account then we have verified that our domain yourdomain.com a record it’s actually DNS a record and I pointed to our hosting panel. After uploading the WordPress content to the yourdomain.com site location then we have to fire the domain so it will pop up the WordPress installation, our language is English here we have to configure the database name the user everything database name.

We will give a detailed abase that we have created user named same password one above one two three database host localhost is okay ? so submit from the install so here we have to assign the site title yourdomain.com username is the admin this is actually the WP admin login or admin login the dashboard login password admin confirm password remain install WordPress or WordPress installation is done here it shows the dashboard we can log out and if we check only the side of our default team will come cigarette comes our first site so we have done setting up WordPress on Vista.

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