Enable Windows 10 Startup and Shutdown Sounds

Hello everyone how are you? doing this is the damage, show you guys how to resolve. If your Windows 10 startup and shutdown sounds are now working properly on your Windows Device. So in this brief post between guys that are hopefully resolve this without too much of a hassle and we’re gonna jump right into it and we’re gonna start.

By heading over to the start button and you want a left-foot one at one time and then you want to type in “regedit” so our eg EDI team best metric concept should say regedit right above run command you want to right click on it and then left click on run as administrator.



And then you will receive a user account control window get the administrator privileges in order to run this so you want to select yes. And I’m going to go underneath HKEY current user on the left side here, so you can either double click on this folder or click on this little arrow next to it to expand. And now I’m going to do the same thing for app events and then I’m gonna go underneath event labels I’m going to expand that view and I’m also going to drag this sidebar over a little bit further.  So we can see what the next thing I’m gonna be looking for will be so now you want to scroll down on this lesson to get to Windows log off and Windows log on there should be right next to each other.




So we can see there’s some incest ExcludefromCPL and if you click on both of these folders you can see there’s one for both you want to double click on this ExcludeFromCPL this REG_DWORD value on the right side here when you’ve selected this folder and you want double click on it for value data you want to set it to “0”. You want to do the same thing for the windows logon one again highlight over the one type “0” or you go as you backspace doesn’t matter for the value data.

You wanted to make sure it’s set to 0 and then click on OK to save the change for that and now at this point you can close out of the registry editor. And we’re going to open up the store menu again this time you want to type in control panel best magic home substitutes a control panel directly above desktop app you want to left-click on that one time to open it up you.

And now you want to set the view by over here to large icons scroll down to get to sound so click on the sound button you okay, so then once you have the sound window open we can close out of the control panel items. I recommend clicking on play windows startup sound and then you can check to make sure that. The other options are available as well several windows live off and log on make sure it says play windows startup sound underneath sounds.



You can select any one from the options here so from here I recommend underneath sound scheme you want to click on this little drop-down arrow select windows default if you see anything that says, do you want to save the previous schemes what no and you want to click on apply. And if you wanted to add any custom music ? through that screen that we were on before I would recommend heading over to the Start button type in “C:\Windows\Media” And then you want now in here you can insert different music. If you wanted to put different files in here,


so you want to have custom ringtones or sounds doing things to notice that it should be a dot WAV file. In all or else it will not work such one point that out there but pretty much assured you guys everything you need to now hopefully this should resolve your problem. But if there is a problem ? please type a comment.

Thank you 🙂

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