Easy way to Fixes YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

Todays post we are provided, many user report issue YouTube 500 Internal Server Error. I think it’s big problems for newbie youtube users, they may fall into doubt.

We all know about that youtube, it’s second search engine and most popular social network in online. However, we will talk about that today. There is nothing to be fear of, Stay with us.

YouTube 500 Internal Server Error

What is 500 internal server error?

500 internal server error means, that there’s a problem with the configuration of the server an HTTP 500 error is not a problem the end user can solve themselves. But if you’re managing your own ii server and it’s your job to diagnose 500 server errors.

There are several ways to make the process easier when you receive an HTTP 500 error report. You probably won’t be given much indication as to where, the problem lies the text that accompanies an 500 error is deliberately very vague by default. This is a security measure avoids exposing technical information to end-users. However, this can be changed to help you diagnose the problem in is.

Error problem facing many case, this problem may be due to various reasons Network problem, Case cookies etc. We have some quick tips like ..

  • Open a new Tabs on your browser.
  • Copy your Error Page url and past the new tabs.
  • Or Refresh your browser.

How to Fixes YouTube 500 Internal Server Error?

There are many audience in the youtube, they often fall into this problem. And how it that’s ? like watch a videos then change any other videos facing this problem, i think this it’s very boring moment.

1.Refresh your Browser

It’s common problem on Internet network, so don’t worry refresh your live youtube page. And how to do it easily.

  • You can see your browser top corner reload icon and then click this.
  • Press Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard, you can hopefully get rid of the YouTube 500 Internal Server Error.

2. Delete your Running Browsing History or clear Cache

This is a very simple work, you are using any browser like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox and opera mini. Clean your cache cookies that’s follow the section with screen shoot.

Remember, don’t forget important browser history save please. Because browser history delete after not possible recover this.

Google chrome

The Google chrome is most popular browser, so that’s available Top OS (operating system) Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android version. How do delete history first of all open your Google chrome and see right side menu bar click the menu bar and hit the setting option.


google chrome setting

And then open setting page, scroll down on this page have a advance option then click this. Clear browsing data page showing two option “Basic” and “Advanced” select advanced and Time range mostly select All time. And hit the clear data, so i think it’s success on google chrome browsing history delete.

delete history google chrome

Mozilla Firefox

The Mozilla Firefox it’s a popular browser for windows user, and also have user on Linux. The browser developed by The Mozilla Foundation. The Firefox History delete option very simple follow your keyboard type CTRL + Shift + Delete button. It was a surprise !!!! i think it’s worked.

firefox delete history

Microsoft Edge Browser

How to delete your browsing history in Microsoft edge the latest and default web browser in Windows 10. The first thing we were gonna want to do is head over to our “Hub Icon” in the top right.

A hamburger that left click on the history icon if we wanted to we could clear any one particular website. We visited by clicking on the little red X that appears next to the link once you put the mouse over it. However, we are going to clear all history so we’re going to left-click on clear all history now we were given options as two additional items.

So you’d want to delete by default they also have cookies and save website data. And cache data and files as well you could also do other items as well, if you wanted to just left click next to the item and it will delete. It as well now left-click on this gray box that says clear it will say clearing data at the top and then once you’re done.

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Safari Browser for Mac

How to clear your browsing history in the Safari web browser on Mac operating system. So per-shave for going to just jump right into it and we’re going to start by actually opening up the Safari web browser at the top left next to the Apple icon.

You want to left-click on the Safari button the fourth option down the list should say clear history. Left click on that then we’ll get a new window or a new dialog box, so say clearing history will remove related cookies and other website data.

Opera Mini Browser

The Opera Mini mostly using smarphone user, because it’s first and easily. The developed by Opera Software (Otello Corporation). So, how to Clear browsing data on opera mini ? Open your favorite opera mini browser and then looked the right side, click Easy setup icon. And then showing your display like chrome browser, so then click clear data.

3.Contact YouTube Support

We all know that YouTube is a social network and 2nd search engine, I think full server maintain the YouTube large-scale group. I recommended Contact Support go to page and help for YouTube 500 Internal Server Error, I hope it’s very easily and fastest reply from youtube group.


Hey YouTube fans, we hope solved your common issue YouTube 500 Internal Server Error. Last tips you facing problem Patiently Wait for the YouTube Team to Fix It. At the time of this kind of problem, the group understands something. So don’t worry Youtubers or Lovers.

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  1. I used​google chrome, delete my history then solve this problem.
    Thanks techinfohq team

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