How to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t charge with slow charging

I think you have a Samsung Galaxy S5. You have an issue with your charging maybe it won’t charge or a charge of super slow or you can charge it up to a certain point, a certain percentage and it doesn’t go higher maybe your phone is charged with once. You want to plug its totally dead again, so basically if you’re having like any kind of charging problem.


I’m gonna give you quite a few steps quite a different quite a few different options what you guys can do to test it out. I’m pretty much going to go through all of them okay? I have none of these steps work then most likely you’re going to have to go ahead.

Steps 1

Buy a new port dock a USB port here guys but the other way around it too. If you don’t want to buy it’s like less than $10 USD. A whole entire kit another way around it what you can do is you can buy like a wireless charger. The wireless charger as well as the whole kit, Guess it’s under $10. So you want to place it yourself but you can buy a wireless charger as well. If your actual USB port down here is broken you just get like a receiver.

samsung galaxy s5 charger pin

Steps 2

It’ll come when he’s docking stations it goes inside your battery pop it on. There little um charge your battery water asleep anyways let’s hope we won’t have to go get that. So here are the several options first thing to do guys is change your adapter use a different one also use a different outlet in the wall.

Another thing is change your cable guys it’s could very well be that came up is, so go ahead and change one of the cables and try a different. One you guys have a bunch of Android cables like LAN or I’ll try another one another thing is guys go ahead and swap batteries change a battery you have another battery laying around.

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Steps 3

What you want to do is with the phone on guys or if you think it’s on just pop the back open. And pop the battery out leave it for 10 seconds put it back in and power back up. Then see if that results your issue now that, doesn’t resolve your issue? what you can do next is called. The basically what you want to do is drain the static battery juice battery life, so what you do is you take the pop the back plate off pop.


The battery out and what you want to do is you want to hold the power button down hold it down for 30 seconds. Guys count the 31 – 30 seconds is up let go pop. The battery back in and then go ahead and power up and then see if you have any charging problems. You can still have charging problems? Or you can do is pop.

The battery back out again and this time instead of holding for 30 seconds go ahead and hold it for like one minute hold. That power button down for 1 minute guys once the 1 minute is up do this it same thing but I put your battery pack identical and power up and then see if you still have it those charging issues now that doesn’t work.

Steps 4

If none that is still working guys what you need to do is to put pop open the back. It’s very possible that you may have lint or dust inside. If you report or you could have got some water in aria and it could have possibly corroded some of the pins. So we can do guys get like a toothbrush and kind of like try to get all play with this like around a lot.

And as you’re doing that like you can have your battery in and everything and you can go ahead and keep trying to power your phone back up and seem you’re having say into the same issues. So go ahead and keep playing with that nothing you can do to guys.

Steps 5

If your running charger is any problem any time so be careful mostly using original charger, because charging accessories of other brands may have different voltage parameters. So Samsung Galaxy S5 not to charge properly. Finally to cheek the charger other original Galaxy S5 charger like friends phone any persons same brand phone.

Steps 6

Don’t forget reset your Samsung Galaxy S5 because many people solved won’t charging problem. Let me show you how to accomplish reset settings on the following device. So at the very beginning let’s start by using your home screen find and select apps icon here choose settings scroll down and select backup and reset. Then from the following options all you need to do is scroll down and choose reset settings.

samsung galaxy s5 reset

So your device will be reset to its factory settings if you are aware of this let tap reset settings tap reset again. And the device is restoring the default setting let’s wait a couple of seconds that is the home screen just pops up. So it simply means that right now you can unlock your device and start using your device with the default settings.


We are recommend the software whenever the new version becomes available as it can fix many problems.

  • Tap Update
  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap About Device
  • Next, tap Software update
  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network.

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