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Hey Everyone, This is the very easy way to install Windows XP operating system. Most of us know how to install Windows XP some may get confused during the partition table process. I here demonstrate using the setup simulator this is the first screen which is placed after inserting the CD and black screen. Which you saw before is the BIOS this blue screen is a welcome screen. Where it asks you to continue or repair or quit. That is to continue your installation press Enter key on your keyboard or to repair your installation press R or to put just plus FB on your keyboard. We are to continue the Windows XP installation. So I continue with hitting the enter key.

Windows XP License :


This is the Windows XP licensing agreement that is EULA agreement end users License Agreement. Which is given to the users for their reference just browse down by pressing the page down key. This license states that the Microsoft is not responsible for the piracy and other constraints. We proceed just by giving f8 key or to escape please press SK key and to continue we give f8 key.

Partition Setup :


The partition table is prompt to be forward you stating there are two partitions done on your hard disk. C volume as a partition One and D volume as partition two. The unpartitioned space which contains 8 MB comes as a default for your virtual memory. Select C : as a default one for the installation of Windows XP plus enter to continue your installation. Otherwise, create a new drive press C here I want to create a new partition.

I continue with the C : there are four options in front of you before that I would like to tell you about. The file systems there are basically two file systems NTFS. And
FAT t2 the fact 32 is otherwise called as fat the NTFS is not bad new technology file system which supports. The latest operating systems and fat file system is the older one which supports Windows 98 2000 ME and Windows XP. Basically the win the NTFS file system helps you to compress so drive as you store your data on the drive. For a home PC or a personal PC please select the fat filesystem and to continue press Enter key on your keyboard. Now the set was for commenting your harddrive and copying the installation files on the C :

Start Installing Windows XP:



Now your PC is restarted this is the screen which storms that the copying of files this take parts during the installation. That is the files for the operating system are being copied on C : . Please wait patiently during the installation process please do not quit this green dots shows the process being done. And the window prompted before you shows the regional and language options you can modify. This just by giving customers and for details of the u.s. keyboard layout. You can click this button for viewing the details here I continue with an X button enter your administrator password and the username. For example I give the username as “Your Name” and the organization as home to continue press next button. You are prompted to type the product key or the license key which is provided with the Windows XP station CD. This is the key licensed for my Windows XP I continue with the next button this is the name of the computer.

Protect and Setup Setting :



You can change this to your convenience give the administrator password to protect your PC from hackers. Please do use the exclamation marks or dollar symbols to have a secured password. But please do remember while repairing your PC this password is prompted. So for convenience I always have crate the password as $ password and once again dollar P a is the dollar symbol is an authenticated.

One which helps you from being had by hackers. To proceed click next button this is the day month and year of your PC and time settings. You can change this is GMT time which should be changed according to your country. Say my country is fined of us greater than the GMT time. Variation countries you can adjust this automatically adjust clock for daylight. Saving changes proceed with next button the Windows XP is now installing the network devices and drivers.

There are two settings prompted before you typical settings and custom settings the typical settings installs all the drivers for the devices. And also installs the tcp/ip protocol conditions and drivers for your network. So by default proceed with the typical settings and you can name your Workgroup now finally the Windows XP is copying files on your hard drive say C : to finish the windows XP installation.
The installation has done successfully and it’s saving your settings. And configuring the Start menu options and deleting the temporary files and rebooting your PC. Now the fresh copy of your Windows XP Professional is being launched have a great time Microsoft your passion our work.

Thank you.

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