Microsoft Bug is Deactivating Windows 10 Pro Licenses

What you guys got a bit of a news post here for you on the Microsoft bug, that’s doing the rounds not sure you’ve heard about it but it will look something like this. If you’ve woken up this morning or your machine has suddenly deactivated. Then that is the bad thing you’ve been hit by it it’s pretty global and it’s hitting Windows 10 Pro machines. And I’m not sure whether it’s the 1809 build or what sort of build.

It’s not hit any of my machines and I’m on 18:03 but then I haven’t been doing any updates of late. So whether it happens due to an update or what I don’t know but what I do know is that it will deactivate your Windows 10 Pro. And if you run the Windows 10 activation troubleshooter it will then tell you that you are running a Windows 10 home license.



And that is what’s happening there on the screen as you can see in the blue box, so don’t run the troubleshooter just leave. It if you’ve been deactivated Microsoft know about it and it says on this post here which is on Microsoft’s website. They notice a major issue and they’re hopefully going to be fixing this within a couple of days to business days. And hopefully your system will automatically activate or they’ll force an update or whatever it is they’re gonna. Do to fix it and you should be given back your Windows 10 Pro license.

So it says down the bottom here that it’s been reported that windows at activation troubleshooter might, say that you’re running Windows 10 home licenses. And not to run that program and just to leave it and let the fix come from Microsoft they will fix it within two business days. Certainly it’s just another blow for Microsoft it seems that Windows 10 is being played with bug after bug and this is just another one and they’ve just got over the deletion bug which was the leak in everyone’s data.

If you stored your stuff on another partition and stuff like move all your documents your libraries over and also they release that update again and it did the same thing again and apparently. It’s on the new version of the update which isn’t been released the one after 1809 it’s already on there as well, so they’re trying to fix that issue as well as now they’ve got this problem going on so it seems to me at the moment is don’t update Windows 10. Just stick around with your older version if it’s working for you just hang back and wait until you know that there’s no bugs on that Windows 10 version.

Which is the latest version I’m not on Windows 1809 I’m running Windows 10 1803. And I’m gonna stay on 1803 and pause all my updates until I know 18:09 is pretty solid. And there’s no bugs but as you can see here they’re basically telling you to sit tight and hopefully in a couple of days. They will have this issue fixed I’ll leave some links in the post end for you can read at your own leisure. It’s just about the bug itself but basically up set it all there so anyway I hope this one else you out guys don’t panic, if you do see at the activated Windows 10 Pro. And if you see you’ve been demoted down to Windows 10 home it’s no big deal anyway hope this.


And also information about Microsoft Windows activation service is causing Windows 10 Pro licenses to be downgraded to Windows 10 Home follow this links

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