Oneplus 7T Release Date, Price and Features

OnePlus 2019 flagship first to feature Qualcomm Snapdragon. Hey what’s up guys it seems like oneplus is looking to win the race witness OnePlus 7T by hook or by crook. OnePlus had a great year Oneplus 6 were hands down. One of the best phones to come out this year as pixel is getting lamer and lamar. A lot of people are going with the OnePlus for that near stock fast experience and also they are one of the fastest non-google phones to get the latest updates. The end or 9.0 became real fast and also the softer experience has been pretty good so good. That my one ballistics actually performed better than the mighty Apple 8 growth powered.

oneplus 7t

iPhone tennis max in the speed test in terms of the design. They went from a small notch to a really small launch and now the next challenge is to have the in Display, Camera, Design. As we know that Samsung is the one who popularized this whole design concept. We saw the patron from Samsung Glaxy Note 10 way before anyone and now there are other companies product. Who are working on this technology as well. That we don’t know for example Huawei Lenovo and now OnePlus or I should say Apple yes as we talked about it before that one plus phones.

Oneplus 7T Specifications

The general specifications of OnePlus 7T operating system will be Android 9.0 Pi and it will be available in black gray and purple color. Let’s talk about the display of 7T 6.5 inches oft cam OLED Full HD display Corning Gorilla Glass 6 pixel density 402 pixels per inch in. Some sensors our accelerometer gyroscope compass proximity sensor face unlock and on-screen fingerprint sensors.

The processor in the RAM of OnePlus 7T processor is going to be 2.84Ghz Octa Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 whereas the RAM will be 8GB. The camera of 7T rear camera will be triple cameras of 24MP, 12MP and 8MP and front camera will be of 25MP with LED flash. We will talk about storage of OnePlus 7T the internally available storage will be 256GB. And is non expandable 6 at last we shall get you noticed about the battery the battery is 4400mAh non-removable with quick charging moving forward. 

Oneplus 7T Features

The Snapdragon 855 this is firing out daily powered by Qualcomm. The official news today begin with Qualcomm Flawn CH of the new Snapdragon 855 mobile platform. We’re talking seven nanometer process that’s up to 45% faster than its predecessor up to the point. Where in the comparison they were like well it’s like grabbing a Snapdragon 845 and adding a Snapdragon 800 on top. All new improvements in video recording and addition to photography and yes.

It’ll also be the road to 5G, it’ll support the X50 modem. The Snapdragon X50 modem in addition to providing multi gigabit LT. So yeah this is what’s gonna power everything every flagship next year. We’re really looking forward to it now let’s talk about air pods of we’re waiting for the next generation but probably the next generation will not include a change in design. And instead we’re hearing that the following generation will have this symmetrical design.

That will allow you to use any AirPod on any ear and for those of you. That don’t know this earrin makes this really awesome pair of headphones. The M2S which actually bring that capability it doesn’t really matter. Which ear you place them on they fit perfectly. So it seems that this technology is coming to AirPods probably in 2020.

Oneplus 7T Release Date and Price

The new OnePlus 7T release date and price is not officially announced. But we follow the previous device to imagine. OnePlus 6T will launch in second half of October 2018, so we hope it’s OnePlus 7T released October 2019 Possible date. OnePlus 6T Price starts at $579 USA, we hope 7T price starts at $599.


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