5G Best 5 Smartphone 2019 One plus 7 and more

Today we’re talking about 5g and potentially Five Smartphone but we’ll have it in 2019. So let’s get straight to 5g is if you don’t know and you probably do. But if you don’t in layman’s terms it’s the new version of 4G, it will have quicker speeds apparently up to anywhere near as a […]

PHP Important 5 Syntax

I will be talking about PHP. I’m going to be introducing this series where we will be learning a lot about what PHP. And so forth if you have no idea what PHP is and you just either you’re being forced to learn. It for a job or you want to learn it. I’m going […]

Install Windows XP Easily Within 10 minute

Hey Everyone, This is the very easy way to install Windows XP operating system. Most of us know how to install Windows XP some may get confused during the partition table process. I here demonstrate using the setup simulator this is the first screen which is placed after inserting the CD and black screen. Which […]

While Loop and Do While Loop Work

While and do-while loops are very similar they both allow you to repeat code the while loop. While Loop  var n =0; while (n < 5) { n++; console.log(“n =” +n); } var i = 5;   I have an example of that right here the while loop creates a loop that executes a specified […]

Easily Installing Windows 10 OS Tips and Tricks

Installing Windows 10 OS Easily. Your guide this lightning round let’s set the stage you just unboxed a brand new Windows 10 PC or you’re a little advanced. And you put Windows 10 on your Mac thanks to boot camp. Either way you are ready to get started in your brand new windows experience.   […]

Hostgator Vs Godaddy Comparison Review

Website making first think hosting, I used tow web hosting server. I’m gonna be comparing Hostgator vs GoDaddy alright, there’s some what similar they’re not totally similar but pretty similar okay.   Host whatever you need If you need basic hosting, you need cloud hosting you even need a VPS or something like that you’re […]

Boot to Desktop Without Entering a Password Windows 10

How you can remove the login window at the startup of your computer in Windows 10. Let’s get started first of all you need to go to the start button of your operating system and right like, not left click.   Then click this option which says a “Run” and it’s going to open this […]

Remove Virus From Your Computer Get Free Virus Removal Software

Hello, today virus removes days How to remove a virus from your computer, while using Windows 10 free and easy. Let’s go ahead and open up an your in that web browser of your choosing, I’m going out to my favorite search engine Google and I’m typing in the word “malwarebytes” and I’m gonna click […]

Different Types of Web Hosting

Hey everyone, welcome back in this post we are going to talk about different types of web hosts. There are quite a few different types of web hosts but for the scope of this tutorial  we’ll be discussing the most common five types. 1. Free Hosting 2. Shared Hosting 3. VPS Hosting 4. Dedicated Hosting […]

How To Comment Out HTML

Hey everyone, to day post most common and popular question is.  Comment Out HTML ? Sometimes you’ve got something coded in your webpage and you don’t want it to show for a limited amount of time. You want to make some comments about what it is or why it’s important or how it works. I […]

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