Password Protect Files & Folders On All Windows

What’s up guys, this is going to be a post on how to password protected encrypt files and folders on Windows 10 8 and 7. It’s actually quite easy and this program works on every Windows version and also Mac and Linux computers. With that said let’s get started, it really helps me out thanks the ideal option to password protect your files and folders. Would be to just right-click on a file or folder select properties then go to advanced and take the encrypt contents to secure data option.


But for some people this is grayed out and it won’t work the reason for this is a licensing restriction. If you have Windows 10 or 8 Home Edition then it won’t work. If you have Windows 10 or 8 Professional than it will work but for those of us poor people with Windows Home Edition. We have to use some third-party software the first one I recommend is VeraCrypt which you can download from their website are the way veracrypt works is that. You create an encrypted password-protected file container where you can add files and folders when you want to access your protected files. You mount the container on the veracrypt software it will basically appear like a new hard drive on your computer to create a container open up the veracrypt software.

And click on volume select the create new volume then choose the option create an encrypted file container and click next again now choose the location and name of the file container. It can be named anything but I will put dot hc in the end of the file name which is the default veracrypt file format. When you’re done click next here you can choose the encryption options but the default settings should be fine.


So just click next in this section you’ll define the size of file container depending on what type of files. You plan to add it should be a different size for example if it’s only documents then 20 to 100 MB might be a good size. But if it’s larger media files like videos that you want to add you might want to go for a gigabyte. I’ll just type in 100 MB for this test file and click on next now type in a password. You can also use a key file in addition to the password to make it. Even more secure but it is optional, if the password is shorter than 20 characters it will alert you of a weak password. But you can still use short passwords if you’re not too worried about the file container being decrypted or hacked.



Through a brute-force attack next veracrypt will generate the cryptographic keys and you should move your mouse around randomly. Until the bar at the bottom turns from red to green here you can also select the file system for your container. If 80 is okay if your container is smaller than a few gigabytes but if it’s bigger then you’ll want to choose NTFS. When the bar is green and you pick the file system click on format then click on okay and then on exit now we’ve successfully created a encrypted file container.

And we can mount it on veracrypt just click on select file and browse to the folder where the container was saved select it and click on open then choose a drive from the list that’s not in use. Just any random one will probably do after that click on the mount button on the lower left enter your password and wait for veracrypt to mount. The file container should now be mounted as a hard drive on your computer.

You can go into it add files and folders modify them or remove them or do whatever you want it will basically work like any other hard drive. Once you’re done you can dismount the file container and that’s how you can password protect and encrypt files and folders with veracrypt on windows. Now that you can password protect and encrypt your files easily.

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