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Hello, today virus removes days How to remove a virus from your computer, while using Windows 10 free and easy. Let’s go ahead and open up an your in that web browser of your choosing, I’m going out to my favorite search engine Google and I’m typing in the word “malwarebytes” and I’m gonna click on this link see. Once I do it takes me out to malwarebytes web site and this is where I want to click.


And once you do that under personal you’ll see the free column which is the first one download. Download complete? so we can see this more clearly I’m gonna click ok there. And I do agree however I want to go to the advanced just to make sure that there’s anything in there. That I might want to adjust I will once I do that it finishes installation. And I can click on finish here and now we’re bikes will automatically open up to this page the welcome to your 14-day premium trial. And that’s the one that I am running and it’s free for 14 days. I can also upgrade to the premium if I wanted to but I’m not presently going to do that all right. Let me go ahead and close this out and we’re on the main page here and before any further let me make a note that.


It does create and desktop icon for you automatically and we can go ahead and do a scan if we like and we have three choices of scans. That we can run and if I go ahead and say start scan which is the first one. It’ll go ahead and scan my computer for any viruses and if any come up during the scan. It will tell me if there’s any threats have been detected and right now, I’m gonna let that go for a few seconds here but not too long because this can take a while depending on the speed and performance of your computer. As well as how many files it needs to scan okay and as you can see it’s checking for updates. To begin with and once it’s completed it does go ahead and go through the various steps of scanning and right now.


It’s on the memory scan okay let me point out that I’m not going to sit here letting you watch this scan I’m just going to say that I presently have zero threats and I’m gonna go ahead and pause this.  And then cancel it out because there’s no need to go through the whole scanning process. And yes I do want to stop now once that’s completed or you stop it you get a summary I can also go ahead and do a view report here and see exactly what it found. It’s some really useful information that can also export it as well alright. Let’s see  talk about the 14 day trial period that I have here for your information you can keep the trial period going for a while if you like it’s free.

But if you want to go ahead and go over to the free version it’s just need to go the settings under this column. And once in settings to my account tab and then you can go down here and deactivate the premium trial. And say yes or no here I’m going to go ahead that deactivates the trial period for the premium. And puts me into the completely free standalone version of malwarebytes and if you want to go back to premium obviously. You need to activate or upgrade okay that’s it and one last thing you can see I am running the malwarebytes free version let’s go ahead and close this out.

Thank You.

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