Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release date, Price and Rumours

The past few years Samsung mobile strategy has seen the creation of three flagship smartphones per year. One Galaxy Note according to recent info though. As far as we know Galaxy Note 10 Release Date August 2019Next year Galaxy Note end will come equipped with a Jenner Mouse 6.75 inch display according to the source.

That it’ll be quite a bit larger than the existing Galaxy Note 9. Despite the significantly smaller vessels and much bigger than the Galaxy S9 plus. While on the topic of the Galaxy S series the upcoming 5g Galaxy S10 will reportedly feature a massive 6.66 inch display.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Incredible Features

The Samsung Galaxy S10. The Samsung folding phone the Galaxy Note 10 is one of the devices. That the Samsung will be looking at too seriously take the fight to Apple. New iPhone X in 2019 building on the solid base of this year Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Excitingly judging from what we’ve seen and heard about Samsung tech development focuses over 2018. It looks like the Galaxy Note ended come loaded with some truly game-changing technology. A screen that drops jaws with transparent tech a Galaxy Note 10 equipped with a screen. That matches size of the 6.4 inch Super AMOLED panel installed on the Galaxy note 9.

The best smartphone screen ever made. But with a brand new next-gen resolution and infinity display design with leaf own enthusiasts jaws well. And truly on the floor the really exciting rumor though currently doing. That can turn transparent or at least partially transparent think it hokum well think again as reports earlier this year proved. And backplane to create a see-through or partially see-through no.10 just imagine the see-through affected at last year on iPhone X. But for real that would sure be some wow factor a monstrous 6000mAh battery. But not special 4000mAh unit in residence this has improved things somewhat over.

The Galaxy S10 smartphone that would leave the Galaxy Note end place to benefit from the in screen fingerprint tech. We know so far Samsung’s in screen fingerprint reader works by an ultrasonic technology. This screen technology would also work perfectly with Samsung already shown off for real voice call speaker tech. Which allows for a speaker to be built into a handset screen and therefore remove the need for a traditional earpiece embed a faster.

Then good 5g connection the Galaxy Note end will easily be able to deliver a 5g connection. We notice as Samsung itself has already confirmed many days ago. The Samsung it already has a working consumer network ready 5g modem. The no 10 to feature a 5g connection when it releases next August. But also a Samsung phone net is launched much sooner maybe in either.

A Samsung Note 10 equipped with a 5g connection would if anything leave the rumor to be Intel modem packing. New iPhone X smoke in terms of download and upload speeds and allow users of the amazing. New Galaxy Note 2 explore an entire new suite of smartphone experiences including mobile VR while Galaxy Note 10.1 users would be 4G hated.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Price & Realease Date

The note range has consistently been one of the largest premium smartphones on sale over. The last decade or so and there are fears. That a 6.66 inch display could be one step too far I see universe has quelled these. However, by stating that a narrower aspect ratio will remarkably mean.

That the handset is smaller than its predecessor. The note none if this rumor is true the note on display would be larger. Than those of the iPhone XS Macs and Google pixel three XL and would be dangerously close to crossing from foe built into tablet territory.

The Galaxy Note 9 starts at an eye-watering €986 Euro and that’s for the most basic version more RAM and improved storage will take you into four figure territory with. The more powerful model costing €1205 Euro unfortunately. This level of pricing has been par 4 the course ever since Apple first broke the four figure barrier with the iPhone X in October 2017. As smartphone prices have risen consistently over. The last few years we would expect the Samsung Galaxy Note.

End to cost in the region of $1,300 as previously mentioned Samsung has a particular penchant for August. Releases the note 8 and note 9 were announced on August 23rd 2017 and August 9th 2018 respectively. So it would be surprising if we didn’t see in August 2019 release for the note 10.

We would pardon Samsung if the declaration came somewhat later. Than this after all smartphone release dates are so close together these days we expect that Samsung will be eager not to lose ground on their competitors. And will go full steam ahead to make an August release date of possibility.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Will Be MASSIVE

Its features, screen sizes and more. And as you already know, Samsung is increasing the screen sizes of the S models this year. The Galaxy S10+ will have a 6.44″ display while the 5G bigger 6.66″ display. And if you thought Samsung might not go beyond 6.66″ for the Galaxy Note 10 then you’re wrong. According to the South Korean publication, the Bell and also according to Ice Universe, the Galaxy Note 10 will be huge. It’ll have a screen size of 6.75″. That is massive.

Every year, we expect new Galaxy Note phone to be bigger than the same-year Galaxy S phone. Screen size is one of the Galaxy Note’s signature features so I’m not very surprised looking at this screen size. After all who doesn’t like big! By the way, this increase in screen size doesn’t mean the overall form factor of the phone is going to increase as well. I’m sure it’s going to remain the same as the Galaxy Note 9 because the Note 10 will have very minimal to no bezels with a hole for the front facing camera just like the S10+.

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The Note 10 will launch at some point in August 2019, there’s still quite a lot of time. Samsung’s plan might change in between so it’s advisable to take these info with a little grain of salt.But rest assured I’m going to keep you updated if there’s in fact any change in plans so do consider subscribing. The Galaxy S9 owners are in for a Christmas treat. Samsung is rolling out the Android Pie update for the Galaxy S9 in Europe.

Right now, the devices in Germany, Netherlands and Slovakia have got the update but I expect it to expand worldwide in the coming weeks. By the way, you’ll also get Samsung’s new OneUI along with the Android 9. The android Pie update for the S9 was initially expected to be rolled out in January but it’s good to see that they’re rolling it out early. I’m very Glad that Samsung is getting faster at issuing its Android updates.

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