Sims 5 Release date,Trailers And Confirmed

The Sims 5 I know crazy okay? but if I were to create this ideal base game for a new Sims game. What would it look like what are the best parts of the Sims 2, 3, 4 that. I want to incorporate into a new base game for the Sims 5 and I want to gonna break down my opinions on this and like spill them.

I don’t know, Love to talk about the Sims I’m a very long time player of this game. It is very near and dear to my heart obviously a little bit obsessed but this I’m not to expose myself as like the biggest Sims nerd ever okay. So bear with me it’s gonna be embarrassing but hopefully you feel the same way let’s talk Sims 5.

Sims 5 Release date

Sims 5 Release date

The Sims could change the game but choices players make and may even make for more dynamic options is for jobs. It’s time for Sims 5 to return to their roots for job options this includes the police officer criminal and politician these careers should be a part of the base game. And not as an add-on later is for kids Sims 5 could showcase a lot more to do with children the popular bicycles from Sims 3 may return along with the ability to control.

And the Sims release date on 2019. A child at school or daycare relive your glory days of elementary school recess¬† is for language Smallish language. Will be back and better than ever with multiple voices tones and words to learn don’t play too long or you may find yourself speaking Smallish in real life.

What does The Sims 5 look like ?

I have some probably unpopular opinions about this. Somebody goes out of the way really fast because I think the issue of the open world is a pretty big one. I think that that’s probably the most like debated thing like the biggest issue with the students.

Where people have is like this open world there’s loading screens and the let’s talk I’m gonna explain to you guys. How the Sims 3 worked for a second just like refresh your memory maybe you didn’t play it you didn’t know but the Sims 3 had an open world. So you could travel from your home a lot to like the library downtown with no loading screen your Sim would get in a car drive down there.

Sims 5

So like an hour in the car drive me to the library and then they would go to library and then drive back and they didn’t have any loading screens in between. That it was all just one open seamless game play right in the Sims 4. If I want to go to library I would travel with the map view go there loading screen in that. I’m in the library and so it’s a little bit annoying to have a loading screen sure.

But I think the time spent traveling is often very similar to the time spent in a loading screen for one but however awesome and immersible that. Open world feels when your Sim gets to the library there’s nobody there like you could have them go out to a hot spot nightclub on like Friday night.

Where it was advertised it would be a hotspot supposed to be Sims everywhere and you get there. And it’s just the bartender that’s no fun, like I want to have a world where it feels more immersible with people around. So when the Sims for if I go to a nightclub there’s people everywhere they go to the park people everywhere. the library anything there’s just people around all the time and in The Sims 4.

That the Sims 4 works is you have like these smaller neighborhood. So there’s like four houses or four lots and the world around each lot is open. You can like go to the little playground behind the house and you can like garden outside in the little community garden. But you can’t actually travel between loss without a loading screen and I’ve seen ideas sent around about maybe.

If the neighborhood was open, you could go to your neighbor’s house without a loading screen get to get to the library. You have to take a load on the screen and that makes sense to me I don’t know about performance though how much better that. Would be or worse or I don’t know maybe they could make that work in the same size. But my point is that I’m okay without it being an open world.

I don’t care about the open world I like I said, it’s a more immersible maybe to like travel somewhere and see your sim get in a car. And walk that way but like loading screens are better at don’t attack me speaking of cars. I really hope that we get cars in the same five and this is me coming from the fact that.

I don’t care about cars at all like I honestly could not care less about cars in real life and in The Sims 4. I’ve kind of accepted the lack of cars like, we probably won’t get them whatever like. I’ve gotten there I mean felt same way about toddlers reached a point where was like give up we’re not getting them. And then we did so maybe we will get cars but I’ve reached that point where I’m just like the since war has no cars.

The Sims 5 Announcement Trailer

I think it’s really cool but I did wonder they did the logo says this SIM 5 right. And we’re kind of focusing on just one Sim at a time. I wonder if they’ve done away with like families and just gone hey let’s focus on one Sim. And see how they go but not too sure about that but like so far it looks like. We can go along on the work day we’ve got pets which is fantastic the creative Sim looks like it’s massively improved.

Sims 5 trailer

So that’s pretty cool actually you did you see that if we go back a little bit we actually have we go it looks like they were out controller support now. Because that says press aide a talk I don’t know if you saw that but controller support as well which is pretty sweet. So maybe it comes to console straight away instead of the Sims 4. Where it only recently came out and now we got the new build mode here which looks pretty robust.

It seems like we’ve got sort of all the items come in big sort of block pieces which is I don’t know how. I feel about that but it looks like you can still do a lot with it get the trees down. I’m just sort of pausing it we can get a good look at this and it kind of it actually looks like they finally done. The thing where we can place windows anywhere I mean first of all you see there’s that Windows on the ground down over there.

The Sims 5 official trailer actually not published on The Sims YouTube channel.


The Sims 5 tab right there this is literally news about the Sims 5. So recently Maxis / EA are hiring a new character modeler ok. If you don’t know what that means it’s someone who models characters like for games or you know and really how ever. They do it they model characters create avatars create different game styles right Maxis.

Is looking for a character modeler for an exciting new game in the best-selling Sims franchise now this they don’t need a character modeler for like an expansion pack. They really don’t unless they are coming up with a like brand new thing. They’re gonna introduce dinosaurs into the game they do not need a character modeler for the Sims 4. Alright do you have excellent modeling and texturing abilities do you have a passion for creating real world fashion in a 3D game.

Are you able to take direction but work independently when needed to make best games as possibly can if? So then you may have we have the job for you we’re a small team now and are rapidly growing. The Sims 4 team is not small it’s anything but that it’s huge this Sims 5 team however is pretty small because we saw add this one’s 14 people. That is working on that for three more years as they set themselves. So the responsibilities are to create model UV and texture fashion assets such as t-shirts jeans jackets shoes etc.

Sims 5

In a realistic style to a high level of aesthetic quality, so realistic style everything we’ve known in The Sims 4 is pretty cartoon. Which in a way love the style of this before no one can ever convince me or tell me otherwise. I literally love it so much but apparently they are going for a more realistic style. Which is really cool a lot of people kind of want this Sims 4 it’d be like GTA where a very open world very like first person almost.

But not first person he doesn’t have to be first person but just that kind of style like GT is very detailed there’s a lot of games. Out there right now that is super detailed like it looks. When you walk into a room and you see someone playing like Madden or NBA. It’s like you’re actually you might mistaken it for the real sports. Because you can’t tell the graphics are so good that’s the kind of graphics that I want to see in this one’s 5.

I do love the cartoon style as into some sport but you know that would be really cool. So participating reviews with the Art director normal Maps secular maps generating a home apps. Just a bunch of different things and the experience that they require literally just like this is a job application.

Rumors About Sims 5

Rumors surrounding the Sims 5 have been swirling for months. The news it’s a little unrealistic to go from a 7 year old to a 17 year old Sims 5 can fix this. With more realistic age transitions nothing like a moody 13 years old wandering around. Your Sims home B is for building bigger lots and creating houses from the ground up.

Would create multiple ways to truly customize your neighborhood instead of being forced into specific sections is for clothes expanding clothing options without moods. Would be a huge step up in Sims 5 time to bring back clothes shopping and trying outfits on a Sim, before making the final purchase these four deluxe edition every version of the Sims comes. With a deluxe edition and it will be no different for sims 5 more items more clothes and more money from your pocket.

Rumors About Sims 5

He is four expansions it’s not a Sims game without an endless amount of expansions like past games expect Sims 5 to focus on supernatural elements. Holidays like Halloween additional expansions will likely include family life pets of object. And a half years the average release of a new Sims game. Is every 4 and a half years by checking our Sims calendar this puts 2019 as a potential Sims 5 release year.

Is for gimmicks Sims 5 may introduce some next-gen gimmicks. That could change the game completely one of the biggest rumors is the introduction of VR gameplay. The line between Sims and reality has just blurred even more is for holidays. The Sims 4 featured a free holiday and it would be great to see a new collection of ugly sweaters return for Sims 5. Is for illnesses the Sims 4 get to work expansion introduce the number of Sim.


The Sims 5 is for zoo animals zoo tycoon doesn’t need to have all the jungle animal glory. Even if you can’t own them it would be fun to have a zoo location with lions tigers giraffes and elephants. They could even bring back the Dragons featured in The Sims 3 expansion well. There you have it what do you want to see in the sims 5 did you enjoy Sims.

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