Windows 10 Set Up Remote Desktop Connection

Hey how’s it going everyone in this post here you are going to find out how to set up your desktop connection on Windows 10 doing this is simple. But to do this there are two things you need to take into Consideration first the computer you are going to connect to second the computer you are actually using.

First make sure that the computer you about to connect to allows remote connections. So to do that to unable remote connections go to your PC the start button at the bottom left corner of the screen or look the screen shot.  Then you’re going to right click it and then you’re going to click where it says system ok.




And so it should take you to this screen right here alright now go to the left side of the screen and click where it says advanced system settings. So now go to the tab that says remote and then make sure these options are enabled by default you are disabled so make sure this is enabled allow remote assistant connection to this computer and make sure you choose this option allow the more connection to this computer now don’t check this make sure this is not checked the one that says allow connections only from computers running remote desktop with network level authentication.

The reason is even though it’s more secure but it limits how you connect through Windows desktop the windows we threw in more desktop so don’t choose this option, after doing all of that click apply and then click ok alright. Now the computer you are about to connect to is all set up and now you can remotely connect to it well now.

How do we do that well now go to your main computer and then now you are going to open the Remote desktop app so to do that click the start button right here and then just type Remote Desktop and connection here it is right here remote desktop connection you should see it and click on it and here it is as you can see here it’s asking me for the computer name so enter the computer name here or the IP address and then click connect.


But what if you don’t know the computer name or if you don’t know the IP address easy well say for example you want to find the IP address doing this is quite simple. Go right here go at the bottom right at the bottom right corner of the screen this time and you see where you see where this wireless icon in years what is wireless icon is if you are using a wifi connection a physical connection you should see two computers right here so where she is Wi-Fi icon right click it and then open network and sharing center.

Open network and sharing center and then this should open it and if that doesn’t work for you or you can always do this you can always click the start button at the bottom left corner of the screen and then type network and sharing center okay so now you should take you to the same screen alright.

On it and now you’re going to click where it says details and you should see you IP address and now where it says ipv4 address well !!  this is your IP address very simple to do.



And another way you can find a by going to the button left corner of the screen type command prompt select one Run as administrator right click on it and select one that’s  and then type “ipconfig” press enter and here you go the ipv4 address same number so there are many ways to find the IP address.





Corner of your screen and then type in your desktop and so open the remote desktop app and then enter your computer name or IP address right here enter it and then click connect and that’s it once you do this you should be connected to your other computer so as you can see it is that simple to set up remote desktop connection on Windows 10 there are many ways to do it and do the way that is best for you so if you enjoyed this.

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